Behavioral Health

Psychiatric Rehabilitation

The Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program at ALTA works to assist individuals who have experienced multiple severe episodes of mental illness to reach a higher level of independence through case management, life skills training and structured individual and group activities.

The PRP program assists consumers with accessing and coordinating the services and resources in their communities needed to lead meaningful lives.

The goal is to assist individuals with the transition from a long period of hospitalizations to successfully re-entering the community, and to assist individuals already in the community with maintaining and enhancing their skills.

Our PRP services are collaborative, client directed and individualized.

Adult Service


  • Connection to community resources including housing and benefits
  • Crisis Intervention and Advocacy
  • Coordination of care with providers and family
  • Assistance with scheduling and maintaining appointments
  • Ongoing assessments and treatment planning


  • Community awareness
  • Money management
  • Educational and Vocational skills training
  • Anger Management
  • Time Management
  • Effective Coping Strategies
  • Mobility skills
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Problem solving and conflict resolution


  • Symptoms and Illness Management
  • Medication Education
  • Budgeting and Personal Living skills
  • Computer and technology training
  • Art and creative expression
  • Physical health and wellness
  • Psychoeducation groups and activities

Referral Process For Adult PRP Services

All referrals must be completed and signed by the licensed treating psychiatrist, therapist, or social worker.

Once the referral is received and the coverage is verified, AHCS staff will schedule an interview. All information is then submitted to the state for processing of the authorization.

Once the authorization is approved, AHCS staff will contact the client with a formal acceptance letter, start date, and coordinate transportation as needed.


Structured group services are offered weekly to minors. Activities are designed to encourage the youth to develop skills for working in groups and in peer relationships.

Services offered target the development of:

  • Community living skills
  • Peer and interpersonal relationship skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Job readiness skills
  • Leisure/recreation opportunities

Therapeutic interaction with staff promotes the modeling of positive behaviors and encourages the youth to practice new skill development in a safe, client-centered environment.

Referral Process

  • 01

    Submit a Referral Form, along with a Professional Assertion of Need (verification that child meets clinical eligibility criteria) and a copy of the child’s current Individual Treatment Plan.

  • 02

    PRP staff will contact the parents or guardian to conduct a face to face interview and assessment to determine the minor’s needs and the program’s ability to address the minor’s behavioral health needs.