Professional assertion of need for prp services

In order for a minor to receive PRP services, they must meet certain eligibility criteria. The referring Mental Health Professional must provide an assertion that the minor meets all five of the clinical criteria outlined below.

My signature serves as my professional assertion that this individual meets the eligibility criteria outlined below and is expected to benefit from Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) Services based on the following:

  1. The minor has a Behavioral Diagnosis.
  2. The impairment is a result of the minor’s mental illness results in: (check all that apply)
    • A clear, current threat to the individual's ability to be maintained in they customary setting, or
    • An emerging/pending risk to the safety of the individual or others, or
    • Other evidence of significant psychological or social impairments such as inappropriate social behavior causing serious problems with peer relationships and/or family members.
  3. The individual, due to dysfunction, is at risk for requiring a higher level of care, or is returning from a higher level of care.
  4. The individual's condition requires an integrated program of rehabilitation services to develop and restore independent living skills to support the individual's recovery.
  5. The individual does not require a more intensive level of care and is judged to be in enough behavioral control to be safe in the rehabilitation program and benefit from the rehabilitation provided.